Life Imitates Art for Entourage duo Kevin Connolly & Sabina Gadecki

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New York born child actor turned big Hollywood player, Kevin Connolly can add another pretty blonde to his dating resume.

After playing the curvy new girlfriend of Kevin Connolly‘s ‘E’ character in the ‘Entourage’ movie, it looks like Gadecki and her on-screen love interest have taken their roles to real life.

Rumored to be a couple, the duo were seen shopping together in Beverly Hills this week.

Smart, cute and humble doesn’t hurt, but no doubt Connolly’s nice guy reputation seals the deal.

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One Response to “Life Imitates Art for Entourage duo Kevin Connolly & Sabina Gadecki”

  1. Today July 2nd I was at CVS in Islamorada, Florida Keys, and since I live in Islamorada I go to that CVS frequently.
    At around 10AM-10:30AM, I spotted Kevin Connoll, with a shopping cart and being told about a few isles by the CVS manager. A super tall skinny blonde walked by me, saying “Kev! Where are you babe!”
    When I left CVS Islamorada, I walked right past him, slowly. Since I put my sunglasses on I did quite a few double takes, and even though he was unshaven, that definitely confirmed it was him. I didn’t ask for an autograph or picture, since Islamorada is a small Key and didn’t want to make a scene, especially since people in the media come here to get away and he didn’t want to look bothered for the most part. Made my day!