Bethenny Frankel: “Never assume anyone is smarter than you”

DSC_6385We’ve heard Skinny Girl Bethenny Frankel say that before so she must really want to drive the point home. And she’s right. Never underestimate yourself.

During her participation at a panel discussion between Fidelity and PureWow entitled “A Night of Empowering Conversations” , the spirits guru talked about mistakes she’s made in her life. “You are only as smart as your client, patient etc.  The idea is not the most important thing; the execution of the idea is the most important thing.”

Along with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (Co-Founder of GILT and CEO of Glam Squad) and Dyllan McGee (Creator, MAKERS), the ladies discussed successes, failures, pivotal moments throughout their careers and how they rose to the top.

Here’s some more of Bethenny’s wit and humor:

About what they looked like, what they studied and if they thought they would be where they are today:

Bethenny: “I had a big Jew fro, bright red lipstick and I was tan as could be.  Did I think I would be sitting next to someone who speaks 5 languages? [Alexandra] All I do is drink alcohol!” “I studied psychology – you see how far that got me.”

About reaching your goals:

Bethenny:  “I started with my cookie business.  I gave cookies to anyone and everyone, when I left someone’s house, when I was meeting up with people to get my name out there. No one knew if I was successful or not, but they knew…she’s not lazy, this bitch is going.”

About the favorite part of their job:

Bethenny:  “No two days… no two hours are the same.”

About Sheryl Sandberg/women in the workplace:

Bethenny:  “There’s so much conversation around the book, and the ceiling.  So many women are caught up in worrying about what men have. Be in your own lane, be the best.”

“Housewives have helped in getting me where I am today. You see so much about other people and what other people are making, but just do your own thing.”

About relationships with money:

Bethenny:  “Relationships with money could be a lot like your relationship with food, family…a lot of noise around it.”  “I still can’t believe I can buy some things sometimes.  I call my financial advisor all the time to ask if I can buy certain things and I’m like ‘I can buy a purse?!’”

About balance:

Bethenny:  “All we want is a good night sleep and then we can all feel like we have balance for one day.”


Have you cried at work?

Bethenny:  “I made my entire living on bravo crying for 8 years.”

You’re running down the street to a meeting, what song is playing in your head?

Bethenny:  Girl On Fire, Alicia Keys

How much money do you currently have in your wallet?

Bethenny:  $48? $60 bucks?

You win an Academy Award, who do you thank?

Bethenny:  Cookie, my business partner, Andy Cohen at Bravo

What are you reading right now?

Bethenny:  “I always have to finish what I start.  I’m reading some cheesy, weird kinda slutty romance novel I bought in a small town airport.”

What are you amazing at? What are you eh at?

Bethenny:  “I’m very good at organizing, delegating and list remembering.  I can remember something we talked about 4 weeks ago.”  “I’m eh at technology.  I have no apps.”

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