6 Responses to “Christie Brinkley’ Daughters Support Mom at ‘Celebrity Autobiography’”

  1. Sailor looks just like her mom. Very pretty girl.

  2. Beutifull girls!

  3. What sweethearts! I really enjoy Alexa’s performances.. Her external beauty is as captivating as her vibrant candor & charming wit to boot.. This multi-talented gal needs to host her own show. She can ad-lib her way through scenarios like a true pro!

    Little sister’s a beauty as well.. she’s got the mom side of the gene pool & some big shoes to fill.

    It’s fun keeping up with their Facebook adventures.. Not sure who’s prouder.. Christie, or her kids being able to say my mom is a box office hit, prolific philanthropist, formed her own beauty company & also a successful Broadway Star!

  4. Wow, these girls are gorgeous just like their mom! I hope they will be as honorable and gracious as she is too!

  5. Why do they always put “still” gorgeous? Christie will be gorgeous in her 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Haven’t these journalists ever seen what her mother, Marge Brinkley, looks like? It is not a shocker.

    It is like putting “still tall” or “still blonde.”

  6. Alexa is a beautiful woman. So full of spunk