Did Indie Darling Greta Gerwig Break Up Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Marriage?

Courtesy: Warner Bros. Pictures

The new Indie “it’ girl is actress Greta Gerwig. She’s got a new movie out ‘Damsels in Distress’.

The 28 year old made a name for herself in the Noah Baumbach directed, Ben Stiller starer ‘Greenberg‘, and then went on to woo us in the ‘Arthur’ remake co-starring bad boy Russell Brand.

Here’s the wrinkle. The ‘Greenberg’ movie, co-written by Noah and his superstar wife at the time, mainstream darling Jennifer Jason Leigh, who had his baby to only file for divorce 7 months later, is the most not -talked about- best kept- why- did -they- divorce secret. Gerwig now see’s Baumbach and rumored to be going on for some time.

Did she break up this 48 year old A-Lister, writer, director and star of stage and screen with her then non-famous Indie director hubby, which made her flee only 7 months after little baby boy Rohmer? Or is it pure coincidence that the two hooked up after Leigh and Baumbach went their separate ways. Uh hum.

Classy Jennifer never uttered a word that was leaked to the press. Heck, no one publicly even knew the superstar was pregnant no less giving birth.

Why do I care? The talented Ms. Jennifer Jason Leigh, that’s why.

3 Responses to “Did Indie Darling Greta Gerwig Break Up Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Marriage?”

  1. She did. GG is not attractive, annoying, obnoxious and untalented. She managed to snag Noah, break up his marriage, and she’s now relying on his connections to get ahead in her career. Look at her IMDB….most of the movies she’s done since Greenberg is w/ Noah, or she used his connections to get her foot in the the door.

  2. Noah is 42 years old in less than 3 months,he will be 43 years old. In about 12 years, we will see if Greta is still with him or if she is with a younger man. Either way, Noah’s marriage is over. The past is gone. Noah and Greta are a couple now and very likely will be living together.

  3. It seems that Noah may have become envious when his already famous wife starts moving in on his territory by co-writing “Greenberg.” And coincidentally this is the same film GG costared in. Noah decided to take a bite out of JJL by “developing” a crush on his 24 yr old star. Ive seen this many times. Noah, and perhaps his parents too, are narcissitic. The dad even had actor Jeff Daniels wear some of his own clothes to starbin S&W. I think Noah is a pompous, insecure, ego inflated turd and he made agrave mistake ruining his marriage to a fine human being, not to mention, one of the greatest actresses there has ever been. JJL has suffered enough tragedy in her life to have to deal with a silly ridiculous 13 year old boyhood scenario with a shrill piece of bubble gum like GG. All while she pregnant! another way you know Noah is a narc, they hate having kids bc the attention shifts away from them. I applaud her for having the wherewithall to divorce this creep before he has a chance to try crawling back.