Exclusive: Patton Oswalt Talks French Bulldogs & Jason Reitman

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Oscar nominated Jason Reitman directs funny guy Patton Oswalt whom we all know best from TV’s ‘The King of Queens,’ in new film ‘Young Adult‘ starring Charlize Theron opening Friday.

Witty, funny and nice, the self-deprecating Oswalt, gets serious and plays Matt, a former high school classmate of main character Mavis played by Charlize Theron, and who’s legs were severely damaged by a brutal beating in high school.

So thankful to just get a film no less with Theron and Reitman, Oswalt said,   “I got to know Jason through just, we both love film; we both own French bulldogs.  So that’s kind of how we got to know each other.  And then I started doing these table reads early for the script, so you know.

But as far as my intentions, I just – I’m so beyond like genre, drama, comedy – I just want to do really good, interesting projects.  And that can mean something like this script, which was so good when I read it, so good; or something like that little adult swim show that I just did, which was the most bizarre, but also a great script and a – just stuff that constantly rolls the dice down the felt and just goes for it.  And this – man, this script went for it.  So I was, you know, I – hopefully, someday, if I’m ever at a point where I have the luxury of intention, I will make the right choices.  But so far I’ve been lucky enough that the choices I have been given have been really, really good.”

Is Patton telling us that he met Jason at a dog park and that’s how he got the film?

“Well, no, what – we met at an awards ceremony and we were just gabbing about movies, and I was presenting an editor’s award.  And I actually knew all the editors.  Those guys are like rock stars to me.  And you could – it’s like the music geek that knows the bassist’s name, like that’s how excited I was.  So then we started talking.  And then he was – he saw on my phone, I had a picture of my French bulldog.  And he goes, “I have a French bulldog,” and we started showing back and forth.  This is – this is like the lamest – and we both have daughters.”

Finally, I asked Patton, What is your French bulldog’s name? ”Grumpous.” Of course, it is.

I saw the movie. The acting is amazing, it’s funny and the soundtrack will l take you back to high school.

I give it a 7 out of 10.

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