NY Subway Hero Derrick Oates Receives Knicks ‘City Spirit’ Award

A NYC man who came to the rescue of a woman pushed onto the NY subway tracks by a deranged lunatic, was hailed a hero and will receive the NY Knicks ‘City Spirit’ award. After seeing a news report about the woman’s search for her hero, Derrick Oates, 43, a maintenance worker from Brooklyn, showed himself and went straight to the hospital where his lucky to be alive and thankful victim Sabrina Scott, 39 was recuperating. Every month the Knicks front office staff honors someone who has made a significant difference and makes a $2000. donation in his or her name, made out to the charity of their choice. Mr. Oates is that brave person this month. www.nyknicks.com

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One Response to “NY Subway Hero Derrick Oates Receives Knicks ‘City Spirit’ Award”

  1. thanks so much from the people of new york.

    it feels good to know people like you are out there–and that we step up and do the right thing when necessary.

    share your stories of subway heroes.