Mariah’s Nick Cannon Signs Malibu’s Colette Carr

She grabbed the bull by its horns and jumped on stage, did some freestyle hip-hop, had the crowd going nuts, put it on the internet, and caught the eye of Mariah’s talented hubby Nick Cannon, who owns NCredible Records.  And now she wants a number one hit. Her new hit single, ‘Back It Up’ off her mix tape “Sex Sells-Stay Tooned” is on fire. That’s young and ambitious, hungry for fame, firecracker, up and coming music sensation Colette Carr. That’s right, she’s doing it and doing it and doing it all on her own. The Malibu, CA born, almost pro- tennis star that played the game from age 6 – 16, told me she had an unfortunate back injury, and before letting the agony of defeat get to her, she once again grabbed the bull and said she wanted to be a rocker. As in rock star, and with the support of her amazing family she set out and now finds herself awaiting the day she plays Madison Square Garden. This is a girl with skills who’s got a plan. My advice, get out of her way before you get trampled.

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4 Responses to “Mariah’s Nick Cannon Signs Malibu’s Colette Carr”

  1. love her mix tape just downloaded

  2. Hey Colette love you!!!

  3. Hey Colette, you are awsome! I love your music and your style.

  4. wow her mix-tape at is spicy, love the bieber